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About myself.

  I was born on February,8,1972. Finished high school in 1989. Graduated from the Institute of Government Communication in 1993.

  Programming and computers are my profession, my hobby and great part of my time.

  I created my first program in 1988. I have learned during my 'computer' life :
Basic (Turbo Basic,GW Basic,Q Basic),
Assembler (Turbo Assembler,MS Assembler),
Pascal (Borland Pascal 5.0) and others.

  But my "native" programming languages are C (from 1992) and C++ (from 1996). I have worked with Turbo C 2.0, MS C 5.0, Borland C ++ 2.0,3.1, GNU C ++.
  I am interested in OO programming, CGI programming, Web developing and design in current time.



12 Kovalchuka Apt.30
Chernovtsy, 274000
phone: 38-037-22-7-61-59
email: frans@frans.sacura.chernovtsy.ua


To utilize experience in C/C++ programming and to obtain a Programmer Analyst position.


Over the past four years I have been developing database applications and automatic control applications for manufacturing processes using UNIX, DOS, and Windows operating systems.
I have extensive experience in C and C++ including the usage of internal system mechanisms such as signals, common memory segments, program channels and interrupts.



x86 ... x486,Pentium - based Intel workstations

Operating Systems:

DOS (MS DOS 3.0 ... 6.2),
MS Windows (Windows 3.1, Windows 95)

Programming Languages:

C (ANSI C, Turbo C, MS C),
C ++ (GNU C++, Borland C++ 2.0,3.1),
Assembler (Turbo Assembler, MS Assembler),
Pascal (Turbo Pascal 5.0),
Basic (Turbo Basic, GW Basic, Q Basic),


DBase II, DBase III, CodeBase Library,
FoxPro 2.0, Paradox 2.0,4.0, Context,
Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.0

Communications and Networking:

IPX (Novel,Windows 95)

Development Tools

Power ++ 2.0

Internet Tools

NetScape Communicator,
Internet Explorer

SKIF ENGINEERING INC., Chernovtsy Ukraine
January 1996 - Present
Senior Software Engineer, UNIX administrator

 Designed, developed and implemented Automatic Control system for sugar refinery Technological Processes. Used C and SCO UNIX scripts to develop parts of the project that included input of the information, display status of a given process, communication and interaction between processes. Created a Process Message Manager with Priorities to extend the capabilities of data exchange between different processes using C. This system was enhanced later with a program that monitors the sequence of message execution.
 Designed and developed a DBF Viewer for Windows 95 using Borland C++ and Windows API.
Participated in the installation of a boiler control system, including configuring the operating system and installing the application. Functioned as UNIX and LAN administrator in an Ethernet and TCP/IP environment.

Wood Working Factory, Chernovtsy Ukraine
October 1995 - January 1996
Software Engineer, UNIX Administrator

 Supported multi-user UNIX system. Developed a series of business application using Context (DBMS) and C. This included distribution planning application and a set of programs for statistical analysis and reporting.

Ukraine State Center of Statistic Information, Chernovtsy Ukraine
June 1993 - October 1995
Programmer, UNIX administrator

 Participated in logical data modeling and configuring of the database in Context (UNIX platform DBMS developed in Ukraine) that accumulated data submitted by different government agencies. Designed, coded and debugged user interface and application that provided statistic analysis and generated reports. Created data conversion programs from DBF and Paradox to Context in UNIX. Set up UNIX client server environment that allowed a number of UNIX workstations to access database on the server using Telnet protocol and Ethernet network topology.

Institute of Government Communication, Orel, Russia
B. S. Degree in Computer Science


My free programs.

Number Icon Name Size Describe
atc.exe 25K  ATC - program that allow to call a phone number by click on a shortcut. The command string must be :


Example : ATC.EXE 4 P334455
4 - fourth COM port,
P - pulse dial (T - tone dial).

OS MS Windows 3.1,95
fbmpshw.exe 23K  fBMP Show - program for quick show the BMP file. It may be a shortcut that contain a command :


X and Y are not essential.

OS MS Windows 3.1,95
fchown.tar 14K  This TAR archive contain files :
fchown.c - source of C program that is analog of chown.
fchgrp.c - source of C program that is analog of chgrp.

This programs can change UID and GID recursively.
Example : fchown dir.dir frans
In this way all files and directories in dir.dir would be own by user frans.

OS Unix (SCO, BSD, Linux)
P.S. You can try to compile this programs for other Unix systems.
fdbfv.exe 140K  fDBF Visor - viewer of DBF files.
  • search
  • select
  • edit
  • report and many other ...
 Parameters of the program :


X and Y are display coordinates (not essential).
You can start fdbfv.exe without parameters and then select DBF file in Open File dialog window.

OS MS Windows 3.1,95

I would appreciate any advice or thoughts about this programs.
email: frans@frans.sacura.chernovtsy.ua


C++ class for DBF.

 I want to show my C++ class for work with DBF file. I use this class in programs under DOS (3.0  ... 6.2 ), Windows (3.1,95) and Unix (SCO,Free BSD).

diagram (picture)

point1 class FileDBF (filedbf.hpp,filedbf.cpp - sources for class FileDBF).
point2 class File (classf.hpp,classf.cpp - sources for class File).
point3 Example A create and write in DBF.
point4 Example B read from DBF and create report in HTML format.


Hunt for a job.

job (picture)

 I am looking for a job in the following fields :  As C,C++ programmer I can work in Unix,Windows and DOS Operation Systems, in very different directions. It may be data base applications, systems utility programs, and etc. For details you can see my resume.

 You may offer me any form of employment in the following :  I think that Telecommuting is better than other means this way you have the opportunity of seeing my skills at work with much more ease.

 Please, send me a test task.
email: frans@frans.sacura.chernovtsy.ua


Guest section.
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