Resume of Alexander Brezitsky

 Address :  vul. Chervonoarmijska, 107/23, Chernivtsi 274013 Ukraine
  Phone :   ++380 / 3722 / 79193
  E-mail :
To find a position as a C++/UNIX programmer
real-time software programmer (PLC, embedded systems, assembler)

with the relocation to English-spoken countries (Australia, Canada, USA)

  • large  experience  (more  then  6  years  of  programming)  in  design, development,    installation   and   support    of  software  (algorithms, interfaces, classes, GUI, docs) for real-time,  multitasking, embedded and/or large distributed, high-critical, reliable multi-level digital control systems  (SCADA,   MMI,    packs,    libraries,     tools,    drivers, applications);
  • excellent   knowledge  of  theory and practice of   digital     computing systems  based on industrial PCs, PLCs and UNIX;
  • strong   object-oriented   analysis,   design  and  programming  (C++, Booch);
  • good  mathematical  base  at  PID-regulation (participation in original projects);
  • knowledge and usage of computing open standards (UNIX, TCP/IP, X-WIndow, C/C++);
  • classical computing education and great experience;
  • ability to work hard;
  • ability to plan time and work;
  • ability to issue a product in time;
  • ability to write understandable, reliable libraries, programs and comments that bring a lot of pleasure to programmers and users;
  • german accuracy;
  • good art taste and feeling (useful at GUI design);
  • ability to manage a group of programmers for software development;
  • good communicative ability.
    Operating systems : OS-9, SCO UNIX;
    languages:               C/C++, IEC 1131-3 languages (for PLCs),
                                    assembler Intel MCS 8051 and MOTOROLA 6309;
    Methodologies:         Booch;
    GUI:                          X-Windows;

    Knowledge of the basics of SQL, relational databases, HTML, Java, Internet technology, UNIX system and network administration.

    Hardware : PC and industrial computers (based on M68xxx and I80x86),
    programming logical controllers MULTICONTROL, SYSTEM 2000 of
    "Bernecker+Rainer Industrie-Elektronik" (Austria), embedded controllers
    (based on MSC I80x51);

    the Chernivtsi State university (Ukraine),
    Department "Computers, computer complexes, systems and networks"
    Period:      15.07.1995 - present    (more then 2 years)
    Employer: "Skif Engineering Ltd." (Chernivtsi,Ukraine)
    Position:   the deputy chief of the advanced software department

    Period:     04.05.1992 - 14.07.1995   (more then 3 years)
    Employer: "Skif Engineering Ltd." (Chernivtsi,Ukraine),
    Position:   a programmer

    At this company as a senior programmer and later as a leading programmer took participation in
    1) SCADA software design and development for digital control system of
       a heat and power plant and processes of sugar plants
       (about 10 controllers, 10 PC, operators panels, ArcNET, EtherNet,
        MicroNet, Multinet, about 3000 I/O channels):
        - tool for visual on-line configuration and diagnostics of PLCs and
          IPCs as stations of LAN (algorithm & GUI);
        - tool for visual on-line configuration and diagnostics of DCS's
          input-output channels (algorithm & GUI);
        - algorithm of PID-loops with complex logics for the difficult cascade
          regulation (algorithm);
        - subsystem of data acquisition reliability control (algorithm);
        - subsystem of technological accidents processing (algorithm & GUI);
        - subsystem of the firm standard local network for connecting
          of computers and controllers by RS-485 (master-slave principle,
          drivers for plc and PC);
        - subsystem of gas consumption accounting (algorithm & GUI);
        - subsystem of recovery and starting of software after power up;
    2) many useful, common libraries and packs:
       - distributed mini-DBMS (structure, access, api);
       - mini graphics editor for building the process images and GUI panels;
       - sophisticated distributed interprocess communication subsystem
         based on the UNIX IPC subsystem and X-Window IPC subsystem;
    3) control, management and co-ordination of development of all software
       products of the advanced software department;
    4) participation in analysis, selection and making of decision about
      datamation and third-party software for current and future projects
      of the company.
    5) DCS's software installation and support;

    Tools:UNIX,C,C++,X-Window, assembler M6309.
    Period:      20.08.1994 - present  (more then 3 years)
    Employer: "TechnoSoft Ltd." (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
    Position:   programmer of the 1st category, computing consultant

    Period:     15.08.1993 - 19.08.1994  (1 year)
    Employer: "TechnoSoft Ltd." (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
    Position:   programmer of the 2nd category

    My activities and achievements at the company:

    - software development for tariff digital electric meter  (assembler 8051,       drivers for electronic card, operator interface,  network  via serial port with "master-slave" principle, real-clock timer,  I/O subsystem) and pack for customizing of the plc and data acquisition  (Borland C++ 3.01, DOS)
    - software development for computing advertisement signboard ("running
    lines") (assembler 8051);
    - software development for plc of 50 Hz frequency control (assembler 8051).

    Date of birth :    February 10, 1969   (29 years old)
    Marital status :  Married, a daughter (6)
    Citizenship  :     Ukraine
    good English (certificated by Australian Assessment of Communicative English Skills, 17 of 24),  fluent Russian,   fluent Ukrainian.
    Flexible regarding kind of projects I'll participate in and ready to learn
    new datamation, languages, technologies or to apply my skills in old and new fields without any problems if it is necessary.
    End of my resume