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Correlation Optics`2001

The fifth International Conference

Chernivtsi, Ukraine on May 10-13, 2001.


Optical correlation techniques (including regular and polarization interferometry, interference/diffraction microscopy, specklometry, holographic correlometry, fractalography and measuring of optical chaos, singular optics), photorefractive crystals as one of the basic modern media to construction of the optical correlation devices and their elements constitute promising and quickly developed area of optical information technology. Such techniques serve for solving of diverse applied problems (from industrial quality control to ecology, biology and medicine). This conference will continue the chain of conferences devoted to correlation optics. The last of them was held in Chernivtsi in 1999. The purpose of the conference is to ensure a discussion of novel approaches and developments connected with optical correlation techniques and photorefractive crystals.


Main topics:

- Informative content of statistical optical fields, including optical chaos and singular optics (optical vortices), and optical telecommunications;
- Photorefractive crystals and their applications in optical correlation techniques;

- Optical correlation devices based on diffractive optical elements, including fractal optics;
- Optical correlation diagnostics and microscopy of rough surfaces and random media;
- New applications of correlation optics in biology and medicine.


SPIE The International Societyfor Optical Engineering,
ICO International Commission for Optics,
EOS European Optical Society,
Chernivtsi National University,
SPIE Ukrainian Chapter,
SPIE Russian Chapter,
Ukrainian Optical Society,
Bukovina State Medical Academy (Ukraine)


SPIE The International Societyfor Optical Engineering,
ICO International Commission for Optics,
EOS European Optical Society,
Regional State Administration, Chernivtsi (Ukraine),
Small-Scale Enterprise OPEX (Ukraine),
CDB Rithm (Ukraine),
DEPHIS, LTD (Ukraine)

Conference Chair:
O. Angelsky, Chernivtsi University, Ukraine

International Program Committee:

O.Angelsky (Chair)
I. Freund
G. Wernicke
F. Wyrowski
I. Yamaguchi
Ukraine (from industry)
Ukraine (from industry)
Czech Republic

Organizing Committee:

R.Besaha Ukraine Chair
E.Akopov Russia Vice-Chair
S.Kostioukievich Ukraine Vice-Chair
A.Arkhelyk Ukraine
R.Brandel Ukraine
D.Burkovets Ukraine
N.Dominikov Ukraine
I.Grygoraschuk Ukraine
A.Koval`chuk Ukraine
A.Konovchuk Ukraine
O.Kozakov Ukraine
I.Mokhun Ukraine
L.Podkamen Ukraine
P.Polyanskii Ukraine
A.Ushenko Ukraine
S.Yermolenko Ukraine



General Information:

   - All sessions are held at the Conference Hall in the Hotel "Cheremosch". The Conference Hall will be equipped with slide and overhead projectors.
   - The materials of the conference will be published in SPIE Proceedings.

The official language of the conference will be English. No translation will be provided.

 Registration Fees:

  • The Registration Fees for participants and accompanying persons are US$ 180 and US$ 60 respectively. It can be paid in time of registration.
  • The Registrations Fees include participation in all scientific session at the conference, all printed materials of the Conference including the Proceedings (after their publishing); conference reception; tea-breaks at sessions; main excursion program.
  • The participants of conference should be aware that stay in a hotel is not included in Registration Fees.


For further information please contact:

  • O.Angelsky,

        Dept. of correlation optics,
        Chernivtsi University,
        2, Kotsyubinsky St.,
        Chernivtsi 58012,
        Phone : (3803722) 44007;
      Fax: (3803722) 44730;

  • S.Kostioukievich,

Executive Director of SPIE/UKRAINE, SPIE/Ukraine,
45 Prospect Nauki,
Kiev 03039, Ukraine.
Phone: (38044) 2656205,
Fax: (38044) 2658342,




The Program

10 May, Thursday .



930-1015 - The Opening Ceremony


Plenary session

Chairs: M. Kujawinska (Poland) & V.V.Tuchin (Russia)


1030-1110 - W.Rhodes, A Guzman (USA), J.-P.Goedgebuer (France) Correlation optics at the single-photon level: modelling electro-optical phase modulators

1110-1150 - V.Gorshkov, A.Kononenko, M.Soskin (Ukraine) "Hydrodynamic" optical vortices

1150-1210 - Coffee Break

1210-1250 - O.Angelsky (Ukraine) New approach to optical correlation diagnostics of rough surfaces

1250-1330 - I.Yamaguchi (Japan) Three-dimensional microscopy and measurement by phase-shifting digital holography

1330-1430 - Lunch


Informative content of statistical optical fields,

including optical chaos and singular optics (optical vortices), and optical telecommunications

Chairs: J.-P. Goedgebuer (France) & K.Chalasinska-Macukow (Poland)

1430-1510 - I.Mokhun, O.Angelsky, A.Mokhun (Ukraine) Singularities in statistical optical field and its informative content

1510-1530 - P.Polyanskii (Ukraine) EDW - edge diffraction wave, edge dislocation wave, or whether tertium est datur? (On the bicentenary of the Thomas Young`s wave diffraction theory)

1530-1545 - A.Kovalenko, M.Kapullo (Ukraine) Wavefront reconstruction from noisy measurements

1545-1600 - A.Chentsov, Yu.Musatenko (Ukraine) Object detection using wavelet transform and neural networks

1600-1615 - E.Ivakin, A.Kitsak, M.Karelin, A.Lazaruk, A.Rubanov (Belarus) Some methods of speckle-noise reduction for pulsed laser illumination

1615-1630 - Tea Break

1630-1645 - Yu.Yegorov, A.Alexeyev, O.Shipulin, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Birth and death events in topological multipole fields after emitting from an optical fiber

1645-1700 - C.Alexeyev, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Generic singular beams in perturbed optical fibers

1700-1715 - Ya.Izdebskaya, A.Alexeyev, D.Kurbatzev, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Light processing of singular beams by optical wedge

1715-1730 - A.Volyar, T.Fadeyeva (Ukraine) Dynamics of nonparaxial singular beams and topological multipoles in free space and optical fibers

1730-1745 - I.Dzedolik (Ukraine) Optical pulse nodal lines

1745 - 1845 - Poster Session

Chair: O. Angelsky (Ukraine)

  • T.Tudor (Romania) Spectral analysis of device operators in polarization dynamics
  • V.Krasilenko, V.Yatskovsky, A.Yuschenko (Ukraine) Nonlinear correlation and equivalence space functions: comparative analysis and perspectives of applications
  • M.Sakhnovsky, B.Timochko, M.T.Strinadko (Ukraine) Peculiarities of vector coherent optical field formation
  • I.Dzedolik (Ukraine) Vortex solitons in parabolic optical fiber
  • T.Fadeyeva, A.Alexeyev, M.Soskin, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Computer processing of fiber-vortex sensor data
  • D.Burkovets, A.Gogunyets, I.Mokhun, Yu.Viktorovskaya (Ukraine) Computer simulation of the referenceless holography algorithm for the transmitted data encription and decription
  • N.Kolesnikov (Ukraine) Protection of VPN-traffic by tunneling through MultiProtocol Image14.gif (70 bytes)-switch
  • M.Karelin (Belarus) Using of overall degree of coherence to measure for evaluation of modal structure of an optical beam
  • A.Bekshayev, A.Popov (Ukraine) Measurement of the optical vortex orbital angular momentum with the help of space-angle intensity moments
  • M.Soskin, G.Bogatiryova, V.Gorshkov (Ukraine) Vortices generation by interference of Gaussian beams
  • V.Denisenko, M.Soskin, M.Vasnetsov (Ukraine) Transformations of Laguerre-Gaussian modes carrying optical vortex and their orbital angular momentum by cylindrical lens
  • V.Shvedov, T.Fadeyeva, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Conversion of singular beams in free space
  • S.Lapayeva, I.Dzedolik (Ukraine) Vortex pulse interference
  • A.Alexeyev, A.Volyar, M.Soskin (Ukraine) Fiber-vortex sensor for temperature measurements
  • C.Alexeyev, A.Volyar (Ukraine) Coiled and spun fibers as guided structures preserving optical vortices
  • N.Groshenko, Yu.Veselov, A.Gerasimov (Ukraine) The controlled displacement of domain edges in magnetic films and formation of magnetooptical holograms of optical vortices
  • Yu. Zakharov, E.Yakubovich, P.Khandokhin (Russia) Object field correlation properties as information carrier of image
  • O.Angelsky, R.Brandel, I.Mokhun (Ukraine) Characteristics of scalar random field and its vortex networks. Recovery of the optical phase
  • A.Mokhun, M.Soskin (Ukraine) Interrelations of thin structure of the vector field and its avaraged polarization characteristics
  • A.Mokhun, I.Mokhun, O.Angelsky, M.Soskin (Ukraine) Interferometric analysis of the vector field singularities
  • R.Brandel, A.Mokhun, I.Mokhun, I.Paliychuk (Ukraine) Computer simulation of elementary polarization singularities and their applications



1900 - Banquet


11 May, Friday .


Optical correlation devices based on diffractive optical elements, including fractal optics

Chairs: W.Rhodes (USA) & M.Soskin (Ukraine)


900-930 - R.Jozwicki (Poland) Fourier approach to digital holography

930-1000 - M.Kujawinska (Poland) New applications of digital holography and digital holographic interferometry

1000-1040 - P.Tomanek (Czech Republic) Local optical characteristics of semiconductor surfaces

1040-1100 - R.Hansen (Denmark) Simple and compact ESPI system for displacement measurements on specularly reflecting or optical rough surfaces

1100-1120 - Coffee Break


1120-1200 - K.Chalasinska-Macukow (Poland) Optoelectronic processors for pure phase correlation - state of art

1200-1240 - V.Kurashov (Ukraine) Wavefront sensing in optical testing

1240-1310 - Yu.Chugui, I.Golubev, Yu.Makashev, Eu.Sysoev (Russia) Optical low-coherent interference profilometer with improved performance

1310-1330 - V.Kurashov, A.Goloborodko (Ukraine) Adaptive measurements of optical aberrations by double-pass method

1330-1430 - Lunch



New applications of correlation optics in biology and medicine

Chairs: S. Hanson (Denmark) & R. Jozwicki (Poland)

1430-1510 - V.Tuchin (Russia) Coherent optical spectroscopy and tomography of immersed tissues an blood

1510-1550 - B.Grzegorzewski (Poland) Light scattering studies of blood sedimentation

1550-1630 - S.Ulyanov (Russia) Principles of high-resolution speckle microscopy: analysis of bioflows

1630-1645 - Tea Break


1645-1700 - I.Fedosov, V.Tuchin (Russia) Blood flow velocity measuring with the speckle field space-time correlation function estimation

1700-1715 - D.Burkovets (Ukraine) Wavelet analysis in two-dimensional tomography

1715-1730 - A.Popov, A.Tyurin, N.Popova (Ukraine) Mechanism of laser irradiation influence on biological objects

1730-1745 - A.Popov, A.Tyurin, V.Belous, Yu.Shugailo, I.Logai, T.Krasnovid, V.Aslanova (Ukraine) Human eye tissue structure study using interferometric method in infrared

1745-1800 - A.Kowalczyk, M.Wojtkowski (Poland) Spectral OCT techniques in eye imaging

1800 - 1900 - Poster Session


Chairs: J.Uozumi (Japan) & V.Pishak (Ukraine)


Optical correlation devices based on diffractive optical elements, including fractal optics

  • S.Khonina, V.Kotlyar (Russia) Using the diffractive optical elements to expand the light fields in terms of spheroidal functions
  • D.Lyakin, M.Lobachev, V.Ryabukho (Russia) Laser interferometer with sharp focused probing beam and integrate detector aperture for testing of multilayer objects
  • V.Mendeleyev, S.Skovorod`ko, V.Porotov, K.Kim (Russia) Small optical device for measurement of surface roughness
  • P.Polyanskii, Ch.Fel`de (Ukraine) Higher-order holographic associative memories and image processing
  • P.Polyanskii, A.A.Arkhelyuk (Ukraine) On the effect of negative imaging by opaque screen
  • N.Dominnikov, B.Timochko, M.T.Strinadko (Ukraine) Forming of autocorrelation recall by small-sized objects
  • V.Vishnevskii, S.Dubinko, A.Nedviga, A.Prokopov, Yu.Tupitsin, R.Mikherskii (Ukraine) Features of data conversion in magneto-optical processors
  • A.Popov, A.Tyurin, Yu.Shugailo, A.Gohman, V.Zhukovsky (Ukraine) Poisson coefficient negative component registration with holographic interferometry method
  • A.Popov, V.Belous, V.Mandel, Yu.Shugailo, A.Tyurin (Ukraine) Measuring devices on the base of 3D holograms
  • D.Podanchuk, O.Barchuk, V.Dan`ko (Ukraine) Modern approach to polarization measurements: wavefront sensing
  • D.Podanchuk, A.Kisil, M.Kotov (Ukraine) Holographic wavefront sensor
  • S.Savenkov, K.Yushtin (Ukraine) Error problem in Mueller matrix measurements of some classes of objects with isotropic depolarization
  • Ye.Oberemok, S.Savenkov (Ukraine) Mueller matrix recovery for three probating polarization method
  • A.Maksimyak, V.Ryukhtin (Ukraine) Peculiarities of radiation diffraction by Sierpinski carpets



New applications of correlation optics in biology and medicine

  • V.Rudeichuk (Ukraine) Investigation of light field scattered on bovine eye lens nucleus
  • S.Kostyshin, I.Gorshynska, S.Guminetsky (Ukraine) Absorption spectral analysis of proteins and free aminoacids in extracts of Pleurotus ostreatus fruits
  • V.Pishak, K.Timochko, O.Antonyuk (Ukraine) Correlation methods of the microscopic section analysis
  • V.Pishak, T.Boychuk, B.Timochko, M.T.Strinadko, K.Timochko, M.M.Strinadko (Ukraine) The chronorithm peculiarities at the presence of stochastic exterior agent
  • R.Zdrajevsky, D.Zimnyakov (Russia) Diffractometry of in-vitro tissue samples and tissue replicas with fractal-like properties
  • M.M.Strinadko, E.M.Strinadko (Ukraine) Concentration measurement of lysosome enzymes in blood by fluorescence analysis method
  • M.M.Strinadko, K.Timochko (Ukraine) Correlation method of the electrocardiogram analysis
  • A.Ushenko, V.Pishak, O.Pishak (Ukraine) Laser reconstruction of biotissue architectonics
  • Yu.Ushenko (Ukraine) Polarization visualization in two-dimensional tomography of biotissues
  • O.Bilyi, V.Getman (Ukraine) New optical methods of examination of microorganisms
  • M.Dudchenko, O.Denisenko (Ukraine) Use of laser therapy in complex treatment of dermatosis with manifestations at mucous membranes
  • M.Dudchenko, G.Irynchin (Ukraine) On the use of laser therapy in complex with physiotherapy in treatment of chromic eczema
  • O.Pishak (Ukraine) Pathogenic changes of dispersion and contrast in coherent images of osseous issues
  • F.Kulachek, R.Sidorchuk, A.Palyanytsa (Ukraine) Laser enterosorption in complex treatment of acute pancreatitus
  • F.Kulachek, R.Sidorchuk, (Ukraine) Laser therapy in complex treatment of acute holengopatitis
  • T.Lapteva, V.Kaspruk, O.Yuz`ko (Ukraine) Efficiency of magneto-laser therapy in reproduction medicine
  • S.Priymak, S.Polyova (Ukraine) Laser therapy in rehabilitation of patients on barrenness due to laparascopy
  • A.Dudchenko, M.Rotar, O.Yuz`ko (Ukraine) Use of laser in obstetrics
  • O.Peresun`ko, V.Znak (Ukraine) Laser polarimetry as the prognostic criterium of structural and functional peculiarities of the uterus adjuncts under inflammations
  • O.Peresun`ko (Ukraine) Pathogenic uterus fibromiommas and hyperplasy endometry under laser polarimetric testing
  • O.Kravchenko, V.Orenchuk, O.Peresun`ko (Ukraine) Prospects of laser polarimetry in diagnostics of morfological peculiarities of placenta under pheto-placentar insufficiency
  • O.Peresun`ko (Ukraine) Pathogenic uterus fibromiommas and hyperplasy endometry under laser polarimetric testing
  • O.Kravchenko, V.Orenchuk, O.Peresun`ko (Ukraine) Prospects of laser polarimetry in diagnostics of morfological peculiarities of placenta under pheto-placentar insufficiency
  • V.Kramar, A.Kramar, I.Rudak (Ukraine) Calculation of the normal oscillation frequencies for aminoacids: tirosinum, triptofanum, and phenilalaninum.





12 May, Saturday .


Optical correlation diagnostics and microscopy

of rough surfaces and random media

Chairs: R. A. Rupp (Austria) & M.Segev (Israel)

930-1010 - S.Hanson (Denmark) Statistics for partially developed speckles: the impact on speckle-based measurements

1010-1050 - V.Ryabukho (Russia) Sine-wave fringe visibility in imaging system in presence of scattering media

1050-1130 - J.Uozumi (Japan) Fractality of the optical fields scattered by power-law-illuminated diffusers

1130-1150 - Coffee Break


1150-1230 - D.Zimnyakov (Russia) Stochastization of coherent optical fields in the disordered media: appearance of similarity phenomena

1230-1300 - M.Kazaryan (Russia) Self-induced dynamics of light and particles in random media


1300-1400 - Lunch



Photorefractive crystals and their applications in optical correlation techniques

Chairs: I. Yamaguchi (Japan) & P.Tomanek (Czech Republic)

1400-1440 - M.Segev (Israel) Incoherent modulation instability: pattern formation in weakly-correlated nonlinear wave systems

1440-1520 - R.Rupp (Austria) Holographic scattering under transformations in the reciprocal space

1520-1545 - Tea Break


1545-1600 - A.Tyurin, A.Popov, V.Mandel, D.Vladimirov (Ukraine) Holographic recording in photochromic media: local and non-local mechanisms classification

1600-1615 - S.Kotyukiyevich, N.Moskalenko, P.Shepeliavi, A.Stronski (Ukraine), M.Vlcek (Czech Republic) Imaging properties of As-S-Se media in holographic applications

1615-1630 - B.Nitsovich, C.Zenkova, O.Derevyanchuk (Ukraine) Magnetic-optical correlation of the exiton series

1630-1645 - A.Savchuk, S.Paranchych, I.Stolyarchuk, K.Ulyanytskii, V.Fediv, M.Andriychuk, Ye.Kandyba (Ukraine) Magnetooptical Faraday and Voigt effects in magnetic photorefractive crystals



1645-1745 - Poster Session


Chairs: B.Grzegorzewski (Poland) & B.Nitsovich (Ukraine)


Optical correlation diagnostics and microscopy of rough surfaces and random media

  • V.Mendeleyev, S.Skovorod`ko (Russia) Experimental study of a reason for depolarization of laser light scattered from a rough surface
  • O.Kozakov, I.Lasurka (Ukraine) Measuring of a single-scattering albedo of the titanium dioxide based white paint
  • O.Kozakov (Ukraine) Computer simulation of sharp properties of photopaper
  • G.Dolya (Ukraine) Copper vapor: media for real-time phase conjugation and investigation of turbulent atmosphere
  • P.Zakharov, D.Zimnyakov, V.Trifonov (Russia) Speckle correlation technique as applied to structure analysis of multi-phase systems with spatially separated components
  • D.Agafonov, D.Zimnyakov (Russia) Polarization microstatistics of coherent light multiply scattered by disordered media: the role of ballistic propagation and anisotropic scattering
  • A.D.Arkhelyuk, L.Podkamen (Ukraine) Estimation of the polarization performances of polydisperse madia with dynamically varying geometrical optics parameters
  • A.D.Arkhelyuk, A.Ushenko, I.Gnatyuk, G.Puchkovskaya, O.Yaroschuk (Ukraine) Scattering of a polarized light by liquid crystalline heterogeneous media
  • N.Larionova, I.Maksimova (Russia) Calculation of speckles in presence of disordered scattering media and its dependence on media concentration and experimental parameters
  • V.Godovanyuk, A.Stepanushkin, V.Omeliyanchuk (Ukraine) Photodetectors for infrared spectrometry of planets
  • I.Krytsun, M.Borcha, O.Kshevetsky, M.Raransky, I.Fodchuk (Ukraine) Multiple X-ray diffractometry of thin subsurface crystal layers
  • O.Gimchynsky, T.Gutsulyak, V.Maslyuk, M.Raransky, I.Fodchuk (Ukraine) Structural changes in Si crystals after high-energy electronic exposure
  • S.Novikov, M.Raransky, I.Fodchuk, R.Zaplitny, I.Strusovsky (Ukraine) Influence of combined structure distortions of crystal on dynamic X-ray scattering
  • M.Raransky, Ya.Struk, I.Fesiv, I.Fodchuk, V.Shafranyuk (Ukraine) The research of epitaxial layers by X-ray interferometry method
  • A.Maksimyak (Ukraine) Modelling of light-scattering by Brownian particles
  • I.Buchkovskii, A.Gorkavchuk, V.Lomanets, P.Maksimyak (Ukraine) Experimental study of quantitative characteristics of chaotic processes
  • V.Zhitaryuk (Ukraine) Angular dependencies of specular reflection
  • I.Shaikevich (Ukraine) Ellipsometric study of metallic surfaces



Photorefractive crystals and their applications in optical correlation techniques

  • I.Davidenko (Ukraine), M.Fally, R.Rupp (Austria) Magnetic and optical anisotropy in garnets induced by linearly polarized light
  • I.Amin (Austria), B.Gugg (Germany), M.Fally, R.Rupp (Austria) The photorefractive Terbium-Gallium-garnet at room temperature
  • S.Bugaychuk, S.Anokhov, G.Galich, B.Pavlick, V.Syaber, E.Zabello (Ukraine) Development of correlation method for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • Y.Barabash, M.Zabolotny (Ukraine) Photogeneration process in organic semiconductors
  • S.Paranchych, L.Paranchych, B.Grytsyuk, V.Makagonenko, S.Nichy, Y.Tanasyuk (Ukraine) Influence of laser irradiation on optical absorbtion and photoconductivity of photorefractive crystals of CdTe, Cd0.9Hg0.05Te
  • R.Vengrenovich, Yu.Gudyma, S.Yarema (Ukraine) Ostwald ripening in heterostructures
  • V.Makhniy, V.Baranyuk, M.Slyotov, O.Stets (Ukraine) II-VI widegap compounds barrier detectors of He-Ne laser radiation
  • Yu. Gudyma (Ukraine) General switching kinetics in optical bistable systems
  • A.Shumelyuk, D.Barilov, S.Odoulov (Ukraine) May the recording light change an effective trap density in photorefractive crystal?
  • S.Mel`nichuk, A.Kramar (Ukraine) Calculation of absorption spectra by the 3rd-group impurity ions in PbI2


1800 - 1830 - The Closing Ceremony